Chapter 1:
An Introduction to Public Financing
Chapter 2:
Factors Affecting the Adoption of Public Financing
Chapter 3:
The Story of Public Financing in the States
Chapter 4:
Conclusions and Predictions Stemming from this Study
Addendum 1:
A Comprehensive Database of State Public Financing Systems
Addendum 2:
Interview Questions Used in the Public Financing Survey


Addendum 2:
Interview Questions Used in the Public Financing Survey

Questions Concerning Public Financing of Campaigns

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Name: _____________________________________________

State: ______________________________________________

Year of Public Finance Implementation: ___________________________________________________

Your Position at the Time of Implementation: ___________________________________________________

1. Why did the idea of public financing emerge when it did?

2. What was the problem which public financing was intended to address? (Was it a long-term chronic issue or a recent short-term issue?)

3. What would you say were the top three reasons that public financing was implemented in your state/city?

(Please mark 1, 2, and 3 in order of importance)

  1. ___ To reduce corruption
  2. ___ To improve public perception of politics, politicians, or government.
  3. ___ To increase equality or equal opportunity in the political system
  4. ___ To achieve specific political/electoral goals or advantages
  5. ___ To achieve specific policy goals or advantages
  6. ___ To improve the "quality of life" or "quality of service" of politicians
  7. ___ To create more competition in elections
  8. ___ To reduce the cost of campaigns
  9. ___ Other (specify)
4. Were there particular factors in the politics of your state/city that facilitated the adoption of public financing?

5. Were there particular leaders who played a critical role in the adoption of public campaign finance?

6. Keeping in mind the problems which public financing was intended to address, by what standards would you measure the success of this public financing measure? Are any of these standards quantifiable?

7. Were there any unintended consequences of this public campaign finance measure?

8. Are any changes or additional campaign finance reforms needed?

9. Who else should I speak with about these issues? (please include email addresses if you have them)

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