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A Heavy Hitter Remembered

Letter of the Month
Skiing Magazine,
February 2007

Your editor's letter with Heavyweight Ski Champion John Truden [October 2006]  brought back memories of a departed friend and ski pal named Paul "Tiny" Stacy. Our gang of Massachusetts rippers was born and raised in Holden, Massachusetts, in the shadow of mighty Mount Wachusett, where we spent our days hiking and descending the Pine Tree and Balanced Rock trails. We fondly remember Paul -- who topped 300 pounds as a teen -- setting a slalom course with cut pine poles. Paul became a Heavyweight Ski Champ more than once during the '60s when he lived in Sugarbush, Vermont. After returning from Vietnam in '68, I only saw  Paul once more. Not long after, he became the limo driver and bodyguard for the Dalai Lama. a position  he held till his death. Few people I've met have had the lasting impression that Tiny has. I know somewhere he's looking down and blessing  my remaining turns on this spinning blue orb.


John "Elmo" Elmendorf
Boulder, Colorado

Thanks to Bill White

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