IT management in training and publishing environments.

Electronic publication and web development.

Professional writer, editor and publisher.

TRIZ (Systematic Innovation) expertise.

Technical and academic educator.

Technical training development.




About Steven Rodman:


Steven Rodman is a writer, educator, information architect and technology consultant. Born in Southern California, he moved to Worcester, Massachusetts where he studied Philosophy, Religion, and Literature at Assumption College, graduating cum laude.

Rodman has served as Senior Technical Instructor at Prime Computer in Ireland, Puerto Rico and the U.S., where he developed R&D new technology training for technicians and engineers. He has also served as Director of Information Systems and Technologies at Worcester Publishing, Ltd. (Worcester Magazine, Worcester Business Journal, and Hartford Business Journal). He was senior staff writer for Worcester Business Journal the year it won the National Best Business Publication Award. He has also contributed to Worcester Magazine, Profile, Izobretenia, and other publications.

He is a co-founder of Technical Innovation Center, Inc., one of the world's premier TRIZ (Theory of Systematic Innovation) training, consulting, and publishing companies. He is presently President of Publications and Technology.

Rodman has studied TRIZ since 1993, primarily under the tutelage of his partner, and TRIZ Master, Lev Shulyak, though he has studied with several other Russian TRIZ Masters. Rodman and Shulyak teamed to extensively re-translate and edit the English edition of Genrich Altshuller's And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared. Since then, the two have collaborated on translations of Altshuller's 40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation, and The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Technical Creativity. In 2005, Rodman edited Ballad of the Stars, a collection of TRIZ science fiction stories by Altshuller and Valentina Zhuravlyova. Rodman was instrumental in the formation of The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies.

Rodman is co-founder, with Courtney Schlosser, of The Philosopher's Club, a group dedicated to developing and publishing philosophy-related and educational texts.

Rodman is also a partner in the antiquarian publishing companies Lost Library and Octobernight.

Early life adventures include being an original employee, along with Howard Lowery, of Malcolm Willits' and Leonard Brown's legendary Collector's Book Store in the late 1960s where he specialized in the appraisal of rare fantasy and science fiction publications. During the 1970s, Rodman partnered with artists Robert Dowd and Tamara Sloan in the art and design groups Serigraphics, Inc. and Dream House.

One of his more memorable adventures was a brief stint as co-pilot with Peter Rowan in The Free Mexican Air Force.

After first meeting H. H. Tenzin Gyatso, Tibet's 14th Dalai Lama, in 1994, Rodman began working extensively with the western Massachusetts Tibetan community in exile. He and his wife, artist and graphic designer Robyn (Cutler) Rodman, have sponsored and hosted several Tibetan asylees.



Professional Resume:


Co-Translator and Editor 1996-Present
And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared (1996), 40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation (1997), The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (1998), 40 Principles Extended Edition (2005) and Ballad of the Stars: Stories of Science Fiction and TRIZ Imagination (2005).

Information and Media Architect
The Matrix of Philosophy: The Quest for Understanding (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 editions) electronic publication, TRIZCON Proceedings (1998 - 2006), Izobretenia: the Journal of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Friends of Tiny and The Fletcher/Priest Online Gallery. Consultant and designer for Whole Health Now, Archibel Software, CiderRides, Magic Pixel Films, Hollywood Quickies, The Friends of Tiny, and Canyon Dog Productions. Co-founder (with Robyn Cutler) of The Windchime Group, Octobernight, and Lost Library LLC.

Co-Founder, The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies
Conceptualized and initiated, along with Genrich Altshuller, Lev Shulyak and Richard Langevan, the first official TRIZ organization in the United States. Provide ongoing consultation and technical support. Design and develop publications.

Support liaison for the Western Massachusetts Tibetan Community.


Cofounder, President of Publications, Editor/Translator & Technology Consultant 1994 (ongoing)
Promoted Systematic Innovation (TRIZ) technology in conjunction with NASA Regional Technology Transfer Centers. Design and development of web site. Edit and co-translate TRIZ technical and training texts.


Webmaster, WBJONLINE 1995-1998
Designed and developed Worcester Business Journal‘s online web publication.

Director of Information Systems and Technology 1993-1997
Managed desktop publishing, editorial and business computer systems for Worcester Business Journal, Hartford Business Journal and Worcester Magazine. Developed and managed technology-based projects (CD-ROM and web publications). Managed extensive conversion to an electronic manifest system. Provided user application training (WordPerfect, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and PC / MAC usage). Managed and trained technicians and interns. Consultant to publications on science and technology issues.

Senior Staff Writer & Contributing Writer 1990-1996
Senior staff writer for Worcester Business Journal the year it was awarded American Association of Business Publications "Best Publication." Contributed feature stories to Worcester Magazine, Inside Worcester, Success and American Airlines' Profiles.


Erwin Sales, Boston, MA 1994-1996
Provided technical training to AT&T and Digital Equipment Corporation consumer sales representatives. Technology consultation.
Bowditch and Dewey, Worcester, MA 1991-1992
Developed and delivered OFFICEPOWER training to attorneys and legal secretaries. Produced training curricula and manuals. Provided user support during and after training process.


Senior Technical Instructor 1983-1990
Managed system-level technical education training programs in support of New Product Introduction teams. Coordinated, developed and taught Advance Manufacturing courses in Ireland, Puerto Rico and Framingham. Developed and taught application courses for office and management users. Produced training manuals and technical documentation. Subjects included: Theory of Operation, Operating System Internals, CPU Architecture, I/O Bus, UNIX User, PRIMOS User, Diagnostic Test Procedures, Failure Interpretation and Corrective Maintenance.

System Administrator 1983-1990
Managed training department network of mainframes, PC’s and terminals. Maintained system hardware and application software under PRIMOS and UNIX.

Board Repair / System Test Technician 1980-1983
Tested and repaired computer systems and boards to the major component level. Founding member: Technician Training and Manufacturing Quality committees.


Instructor 1986-1988
Taught evening electronics technology certification courses: AC and DC Electronics, Math for Electronics, Semiconductor Theory and Microprocessors. Member: Computer Technology Advisory Committee.



Assumption College, Worcester, MA.
B.S., Liberal Studies, 1991. Cum laude.

TRIZ (Systematic Innovation)
Personalized training from leading TRIZ experts: Lev Shulyak (TECHNICAL INNOVATION CENTER), Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman and Dr. Gafur Zainiev (IDEATION INTERNATIONAL INC.), Victor Fey (THE TRIZ GROUP).

Prime Computer, Framingham, MA
Many technical certifications, including: C Programming, Operating System Internal Concepts & Data Structures, UNIX Internals, PRIMOS Internals, System Administration and Assembly Language Programming. Extensive Advance Manufacturing R&D new product specific training.

Practical Management, Inc., Cambridge, MA
Effective Classroom Instruction and Technical Training certification.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Waltham, MA
Various IT training certifications, including: Advanced Adobe Photoshop, Desktop Publishing, Advanced Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat.