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Ode to Tiny


Poet Tim Mason composed this for the Paul “Tiny” Stacy Memorial Benefit for Homeless Veterans in 2004. He has graciously allowed us to post it here.

It was just ten years ago

that your soul outgrew your body.
So we wished you restful peace
but wouldn’t say good-bye
for the shadow cast by memory
lives vivid in our minds
keeping fresh
the lessons learned
and hope inspired
by gentle ways
and wisdom passed
through a strong and steady hand.

Your large frame was a welcome sight
as our journey round the reservoir
reached your roadhouse door.
A hearty handshake and a grin,
the simple magic found within.
You kept the Blue Plate special
by introducing friends,
(and you have quite a few)
Ferlinghetti, Ram Dass, Wavy Gravy,
Peter Rowan, Philip Berrigan,
some of the luminaries
you ushered through those modest doors
yet all who passed you met as equal,
we never heard you boast
but perhaps the quiet times
were the times we valued most.

You’d talk of Seva, Service,
enact it with each step
and let us know we too
could live with such respect.
So we’d buy some beer,
a Tibetan rug,
stashed underneath the stage
and know somehow we were helping you
give eyes to kids a half a world away.

A conosuier of ice cream and pleasures of the flesh,
not shy to live with gusto the world was fun to face,
From the Dalai Lama to Worcester’s average Joe
fond memories from the lives you touched
continue now to grow

And this ode has just begun
It’s too much for just one pen
So Paul, Mr. Stacy,
Here’s a toast to you
We hope your peace is restful
As we keep you living still.


timothy mason




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